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New books are being acquired all the time.

Some of theses are donations, but the majority are newly purchased recently published books.

Members may put in a request for books they would like to see added to the collection.

There is a request book in the library, or email Pat Stapleton:

New Books

Posted 1st March 2017

More New Books From January 2017


Boyle T.Coraghessan                                 World’s End

Sebastian Faulks                                        Where My Heart Used to Beat

Franzen  Jonathan                                     Purity

Glover Merryn                                             A House Called Askival

Horan Nancy                                             Loving Frank

                                                                   Under a Wide and Starry Sky

Jacobson Howard                                       

King  Lily                                                   Euphoria

Rushdie Salman                                      Two Years Eight Months & Twenty Eight Days

Spufford  Francis                                     Golden Hill

Swift Graham                                             Mothering Sunday

Thubron Colin                                            Night of Fire

Yanaghira Hanya                                      A Little Life


Bate Jonathan                                     Ted Hughes – the unauthorised life

Defede Jim                                          The Day the World came to Town

Ehrenreich Ben                                   The Way to the Spring  Life and Death in Palestine

Fryer Jonathan                                     Eccles Cakes

Harding Luke                                       A Very Expensive Poison

Jones Owen                                         The Establishment and how they get away with it

King Dean                                            Unbound

Malcolm Noel                                     Agents of Empire – Knights, Corsairs, Jesuits & Spies

Molloy  Aimee                                    However Long the Night – Molly Melching’s Journey to                                                                             help

                                                            Millions on African Women Triumph

Mullin Chris                                         Hinterland               

Sullivan  Rosemary                            Villa Air Bel – the Second World War, Escape and a                                                                         House in France         

Varoufakis Yanis                                  And the Weak Suffer What They Must?

Williams  Robin P.                               Sweet Swan of Avon – did a woman write Shakespeare?